Supply specifications and specific properties of edible paper

Supply specifications 


Size of text and elements 

Almost every design is applicable to edible flyers. Do you have smaller text lines or elements in your design? Keep it larger than with "normal" printing, so that the edible print remains legible.


Light background

Always choose a white or light background for your edible flyer. Because of the specific properties of edible ink and edible paper (the sucking effect of wafer) and the variables - such as high humidity and UV light - we don't recommend a full-surface printing. This prevents warping of the flyer as much as possible.


Borders and margins 

Keep the edges of the flyer free of text and other elements for the print margins (min. 5 - 8 mm). By doing so, you also reduce the chance of potential warping.


Single-sided print

Create a single-sided design to create a perfect match between the edible ingredients (ink and paper). In order to guarantee an optimal colour result and high-definition printing, we always print the edible printed matter single-sided. Flyers2Eat does not make double-sided prints, because we only offer you 100% quality.


Colour match

Edible ink and edible paper have special properties. Edible colour pigments react differently than "normal" synthetic ink. The composition of edible paper also influences the appearance of colours. Our team carefully assesses each design. By giving your own colour settings to your design, we match the print with the original as accurately as possible. Based on your design, our team chooses the printer settings. Unfortunately, colour deviations could always occur. If you use certain colour shades that we cannot approximate properly, we will of course contact you. Everything for 100% satisfaction!


Specific properties/additional information


Unique vanilla flavour

Edible flyers are printed on double-thickness wafer, which has been specially developed for and with Flyers2Eat. This unique variant is lightly sweetened with vanilla. The thickness and the special taste make our product highly suitable as an edible flyer. We also supply unsweetened or thin varieties on request.


Bundled or packed individually

The prints are bundled (for example 50 pieces) in a zip bag as standard.

Depending on the desired size, we pack - on request and at extra cost - the flyers per piece in a (resealable) plastic zip bag. Our fully degradable (PLA) packaging is top-of-the-line in sustainability, ask about it via our Customer service.


Delivery time

Quality always comes first at Flyers2Eat. Producing edible flyers is a labour-intensive process for which our team has to reserve some production time. This - in addition to the higher raw material price - is the reason why the price of edible printed matter is somewhat higher than that of "standard" printed matter. We will of course arrange the delivery time with you in advance.


Shelf life

After the printing process, the edible flyers can be kept and eaten for at least 12 months. A number of storage instructions apply to edible printed matter. If you take this into account, your product will remain edible and your print will remain high-definition for as long as possible (within the shelf life).

5 handige weetjes over eetbare flyers

  • 100% biologisch afbreekbaar 

  • Speciaal voor en met Flyers2Eat ontwikkeld papier, met een unieke vanillesmaak!

  • Verpakking per stuk en in PLA-variant (100% afbreekbaar polymelkzuur) mogelijk 

  • Haarscherpe print

  • Niet het meest voordelig in vergelijking met standaard drukwerk, wél het meest verrassend

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