4 other original edible products that you can order at Flyers2Eat:


1. Edible letters

Increasing awareness of your audience about an informative message, special event or special campaign in a surprising way? Have your text and image(s) printed on edible stationery! This seamlessly connects with themes such as sustainability and biodegradability. In addition, it is a striking means of communication, because after reading, the recipient can eat your letter or dispose of it with the organic waste. We print your message on wafer with a unique, light vanilla flavour. Our slogan is 'Read it and eat it!' for a reason!


2. Press releases

Every day, press agencies and publicists receive an abundance of press releases. If these do not meet the requirements or do not excite them enough, they will soon end up in the trash. But with an edible press release you immediately catch the receiver's attention. This way, you are also joining in on contemporary themes such as environmental friendliness and zero waste policy in a suprising way. Are you going for the cream of the crop? Have your press release packaged in a PLA bag, which will make your message completely biodegradable.


3. Circles/squares on wafer

We know it like no other, orders that you want to take care of down to the last detail. Do you choose quality, convenience and time saving? Your catering order will be much easier if you bring us in to produce circles and squares with a high-definition logo. Very useful for use on, for example, cup cakes and petit fours. Of course we also supply other formats and shapes, please send us a non-binding request. Flyers2Eat will make sure you don't have to worry about it, so you can focus on your catering assignment!

4. Bread wafer rounds for bakers

Show your customers that you are the supplier of bakery products that have been carefully developed and baked. With edible logos ('edible branding') you place your signature in a professional manner.


For small projects it is often not feasible to purchase large quantities. That's why we deliver edible wafer rounds from as little as 250 pieces. Standard bread wafer rounds are made from thin wafer. Are you looking for a thick wafer variety, sweetened or unsweetened? Of course, we will also help you in this case. Compared to high volumes, the price is higher because of the labour-intensive process, but for that price you will receive a unique product with a high-defintion logo.


Is your product not listed? Whatever it is that you want to communicate and through whichever means, we are your partner in edible printed matter. Contact us and let us create your original edible gadgets!

Rounds 40 mm
Square 30 mm
Edible product cards
Meer weergeven

5 useful facts about edible flyers

  • 100% biodegradable

  • Paper with a unique vanilla flavour, specially developed for and with Flyers2Eat!

  • Packaging per piece and in PLA-alternative (100% degradable polylactic acid) possible

  • High-definition print

  • Not the most inexpensive compared to standard printed matter, but definitely the most amazing

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