Edible printed matter

Surprise your business relations and (potential) customers with a powerful communication tool! Edible printed matter has a high attention value and is the means to make a positive statement.

Communicating in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way

With edible printed matter you are super original and you go for 100% sustainability and environmental friendliness. Because after reading, the recipient can eat this or dispose of it, putting it with the organic waste.


Examples of edible communication means are:

If you want to pack the edible printed matter in an environmentally friendly and hygienic way, then you should go for our PLA bags, which are completely biodegradable. Is your product not listed? Send us a message, we will then help you with pleasure!

100% biodegradable paper

Our products are made from edible paper (wafer) and printed in-house with edible ink. The main component of wafer is potato starch, a 100% natural product that is completely biodegradable.

Unique taste

Our products ar not only distinctive, the taste is also special. We print on thick wafer, which is lightly sweetened with vanilla. This sweetened version has been specially developed for and with Flyers2Eat and is extremely suitable as an edible communication tool.

Printing edible paper

The printing of edible paper is a specialist profession because of the special properties of the raw materials. Our team takes care of all the print work in-house to ensure full safety and quality. Edible paper offers many possibilities, but also has some limitations. If you take this into account, then nothing stands in your way to develop unique edible printed matter. What will your design be?


Would you like to stand out with your communication tool? We look forward to your request.

If you have a question, please send us an email. We shall be happy to help you!

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5 useful facts about edible flyers

  • 100% biodegradable

  • Paper with a unique vanilla flavour, specially developed for and with Flyers2Eat!

  • Packaging per piece and in PLA-alternative (100% degradable polylactic acid) possible

  • High-definition print

  • Not the most inexpensive compared to standard printed matter, but definitely the most amazing




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