Edible flyers

Would you like to stand out in the crowd with flyers? Deploy edible flyers to promote your event, product or news report. With an edible flyer, the recipient has an eye-catcher in his hands and you immediately make a positive statement!

Focus on positive themes

In addition to the high attention value, you can use edible flyers to smoothly join events or promotions in which themes such as sustainability and environmental friendliness are leading. You show that you are working toward zero waste and that you develop innovative concepts.

Unique taste

One of the special features of our edible flyers is the taste. The slightly sweetened vanilla flavour is specially developed for and with Flyers2Eat. This type of paper cannot be found anywhere in the Netherlands, so your receiver is holding a unique gadget. Prefer a neutral taste? Of course you can also order these from us.

100% biodegradable packaging

Complete your presentation 100% with our durable PLA packaging. This type of packaging is completely biodegradable and therefore completely compatible with today's ideal of a sustainable society! Packaging in PLA happens per piece, maximising hygiene. Are you going for 100% plastic-free too?


Are you surprisingly involved in trending topics concerning environment or nutrition? Do you want to stand out with your organisation and message? Send us an email and we will contact you soon!


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Edible flyers
Edible flyers
Edible flyers
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5 useful facts about edible flyers

  • 100% biodegradable

  • Paper with a unique vanilla flavour, specially developed for and with Flyers2Eat!

  • Packaging per piece and in PLA-alternative (100% degradable polylactic acid) possible

  • High-definition print

  • Not the most inexpensive compared to standard printed matter, but definitely the most amazing

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