Do you have a fair or any other event coming up?

Great that you found us. This means that you think environmental friendliness, sustainability and zero-waste are super important. We could not agree more!

Would you like to stand out with your flyers? Join our club!

Because Flyers2Eat offers edible flyers, business cards, menus and invitations. In high-resolution print, completely tailored to your idea. When your customer or business partner has finished reading, he can eat the flyer or get rid of it without worry. Our flyers are edible and 100% biodegradable. That is what we call a good first impression!

5 useful facts about edible flyers

  • 100% biodegradable

  • Paper with a unique vanilla flavour, specially developed for and with Flyers2Eat!

  • Packaging per piece and in PLA-alternative (100% degradable polylactic acid) possible

  • High-definition print

  • Not the most inexpensive compared to standard printed matter, but definitely the most amazing

Directly and positively in the spotlight

You immediately put your company in the spotlight, because with edible flyers:

  • You have a high attention value

  • You create positive branding

  • You emphasise the environmental friendliness of your company or organisation

Flyers2Eat likes to contribute to your thinking process, gives you advice on edible flyers and goes a step further for you. This way, your company will immediately be in the spotlight in a positive way.




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